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Q: Why do doctors give magnesium and aluminum hydroxide as cure for hyperacidity?
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Why do doctors cover babies with aluminum when they go out?

Cause they do

What is magnesium used for by doctors?

intravenous administration of magnesium is reserved for patients with such serious symptoms as seizures, preeclampsia or eclampsia of pregnancy, acute asthma attacks, or severe cardiac arrhythmias.

Do doctors put a cast on pinkey fingers?

Sometimes, in rare cases, multiple breaks, maybe. Usually just an isolator, one of those padded aluminum things.

Can magnesium sulfate induce labor?

I am sure that the doctors who treated me in these two cases would disagree but I would say that magnesium sulfate sure didn't help keep me from progressing into full blown labor after being admitted for suspected preterm labor and told it was just uteran irritability. I would be admitted, hooked up to an IV, and given magnesium sulfate. With in a few hours of treatment and great misery I would deliver the baby they were trying to keep in for a few more weeks. Again I had this treatment twice and it seemed to me like it made any contractions I may have been having worse.

Are the doctors on The Doctors actual doctors?

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Does magnesium citrate work for restless legs?

Anecdotal evidence - instead of taking the Donnatol the doctors have prescribed for Porphyria related pain, I drink magnesium citrate & it works. Donnatol is a muscle relaxer used to stop intestinal spasms. Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) works better; but, tastes worse than magnesium citrate.

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Yes, they really are doctors.

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