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The formation of chlorine from chloride ions invoves loss of electrons there fore it is "oxidation" which is defined as loss of electrons. OIL RIG oxidation is loss, reduction is gain.

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Q: Why is the formation of chlorine classified as oxidation?
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What is the oxidation state of chlorine in HCl?

The oxidation state is +1 for hydrogen and -1 for chlorine.

What is the oxidation state of PCl5?

The oxidation no of phosphorus is +3 and that of chlorine is -1.

In which compound does chlorine have the highest oxidation number?

In per chloric acid HClO4, the oxidation number of chlorine is +7.

What is more likely oxidation state of Chlorine?

The most common oxidation state for chlorine is 1- (negative one).

Why the formation of water can be classified as a synthesis combustion or oxidation-reduction reaction?

The formation of water can be classified as a combustion reaction because hydrogen is heated in oxygen, and it is considered a synthesis reaction because two elements - hydrogen and oxygen - combine to form 1 compound - water.

Is -1 the oxidation number for chlorine?

-1 is found in chlorides. But chlorine can have other oxidation numbers up to +7 in its compounds.

What is the oxidation state of CI HCIO3?

The oxidation state of chlorine is 5.

What is the oxidation number of chlorine in pbcl2?

The chlorine in PbCl2 exists as chloride ions, and the oxidation number of chloride ions is always -1.

What is it called when chlorine becomes chloride?

When chlorine becomes chloride, the chlorine gains an electron to form an anion. This process is called oxidation. Oxidation always occurs with reduction (loss of an electron from another substance) in an oxidation reduction reaction.

Oxidation number of MG and CL?

The oxidation numbers of atomic magnesium and atomic chlorine are 0. They react with each other to form magnesium chloride. After the formation of the salt, magnesium ions have +2 oxidation number where that of chloride ions is -1.

What is the Oxidation number of GeCl2?

In GeCl2 germanium is in the 2+ oxidation state and chlorine is in the 2- oxidation state.

What is oxidation number for Cl03?

This is a anion. chlorine shows +5 oxidation number.