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Caesium's single outer electron is much further from the nucleus than that of sodium, so caesium loses its valence electron much easily than sodium, therefore caseium is much more reactive than sodium.

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it is all about the size of the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus. Cesium has more electrons than sodium and therefore the negative valence electrons are held further from the positive nucleus. As a result, an electron held further from the nucleus, such as cesium, requires less energy (ionization energy- energy required to convert the atom to its ion) to be removed from the atom, thereby ionizing it.

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Sodium has a higher ionization energy than potasium because the outer electron in sodium is closer to the effective (inner electron shielded) nuclear charge of +e than the potassium atom's outer electron is to it's effective (inner electron shielded) nuclear charge of +e because it is in the N=4 level as opposed to the sodium being in the N=3 level, approximating the single electron outer shell atoms. The coulomb potential and quantum mechanics dictate that this be so.

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Q: Why is the ionization energy of a sodium atom greater than that of a potassium atom?
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sodium because it's the first group and first group are the most

What are the ionisation enthalpies of potassium and sodium?

First ionization energy of sodium is 495,8 kJ/mol.First ionization energy of potassium is 418,8 kJ/mol.

Which of the elements sodium calcium potassium and magnesium has the smallest first ionization energy?


Does sodium have the larger first ionization energy than potassium?

yes, it does

What elements has the greatest ionization energy Sodium Potassium Chlorine or Bromine?

chlorine (greatest), bromine, sodium, potassium (least)

What element in family IA has the lowest ionization energy?

the lowest ionization energy in IA :hydrogen ,lithiun ,sodium and potassium

What is the group trend for the ionization energy for the alkali metals?

As you go down the group (any group), ionization energy decreases. So in terms of ionization energy, for the alkali metals, Lithium > Sodium > Potassium > Rubidium > Caesium > Francium

What is first ionization energy?

Sodium's first ionization energy is 495 kJ / mol.

What is the trend in ionization energy of Na Cl F?

The ionization energy increase from sodium to fluorine.

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ATP provides the energy for the sodium potassium pump.

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Why is sodium more reactive than lithium?

Sodium is more reactive than Lithium because the metals of Group 1 become more reactive as we go down the group. The ionization energy of lithium is greater than the ionization energy of sodium, and thus sodium is more reactive.