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=== === {| |+ Costliest U.S. Atlantic hurricanes

Cost refers to total estimated property damage. |- ! Rank ! Hurricane ! Season ! Cost (2008 USD) ! 1 | Katrina 2005 $81.2 billion ! 2 | Andrew 1992 $40.7 billion ! 3 | Ike 2008 $31.5 billion ! 4 | Wilma 2005 $22.7 billion ! 5 | Charley 2004 $16.3 billion ---- Anything else to add, people? By the way, I got most of this information from Wikipedia. I also got some from The Straits Times, Google, and Yahoo. |}
The third coastliest hurricane in the U.S.

Started on September 1, 2008 and dissipated on September 14, 2008.

Ike destroyed Galveston.

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They happened because strong winds formed over the sea and came over to where hurricane Ike and Katrina hit!!

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Q: Why the hurricane Ike and the Katrina happen?
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Was it after Hurricane Ike hit that Hurricane Katrina hit?

No. Ike came after Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was in 2005. Ike was in 2008.

What was worse hurricane ike or Katrina?

hurricane katrina was worse from its damage ike had a lot to just saying

Was Hurricane Katrina stronger than Hurricane Ike?

Yes. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 hurricane with peak winds of 175 mph. Hurricane Ike was a category 4 hurricane with peak winds of 145 mph.

How bad was Hurricane Ike in comparison to Hurricane Katrina?

Well ike had more strom damage itself than katrina but katrina broke the leves causing lake ponchartrain to flood the land. but stormwise ike was worse.

What are The most well known hurricanes?

Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Fay, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Andrew

Why will Hurricane Katrina happen?

Hurricane Katrina has already happened, it is not something that will happen.

Was hurricane ike worse than hurricane Katrina?

No, not even close. Hurricane Katrina killed over 1800 people and cause over $100 billion in damage. By comparison Ike killed just over 100 and cause about $37 billion in damage.

Which was worse hurricane Katrina or hurricane ike?

Hurricane Katrina was far worse than Ike. Compare the statistics: Hurricane Katrina killed 1,836 people and caused $105 billion in damage. Hurricane Ike killed 103 and caused $37 billion in damage.

When did the Louisiana hurricane happen?

Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005

When did hurricane ike happen?

The Ike Hurricane began on September 1, 2008 and finished September 16, 2008.

What is the famous hurricane?

Galveston Texas was hit by the "most famous" hurricane in the early 1900s Katrina is the most famous of recent Hurricaines due to the flooding of new Orleans that resulted from it. Hurricane Katrina is more famous than Ike. It was also more recent. Ike hit the entire east coast.

What are natural disasters that can happen during a hurricane?

floods are possible to happen during a hurricane such as Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, Louisiana in America