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Q: Could you Name the recognized universities offering Mphil education in distance education?
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Which Universities offer MSc in Microbiology through Distance Education in India?

List of Universities offering MSc in Microbiology through Distance Education in India are -Nagarjuna UniversityPeriyar UniversityVinayaka Mission University

Which universities offer BE electrical course through distance education?

Universities offering BE electrical course through distance education are -Andhra UniversityJawaharlal Nehru Technical UniversityKarnataka Open UniversityRVD UniversityIGNOU

Which universities offer MPhil in Psychology through Distance Education in India?

List of Universities offering M.Sc in Computer Science through Distance Education in India are -Nagarjuna UniversityAlagappa UniversityAnnamalai UniversityBharathiar UniversityBharathidasan UniversityManipal UniversityMDU RohtakMumbai UniversityRajasthan Vidyapeeth UniversityVinayaka MissionMP Bhoj Open UniversityKarnataka Open UniversityIGNOURajarshi Tandon Open University

Must University recognized?

Universities need to get accredited in order to be considered 'recognized'. Most universities get accredited by an accreditation agency, these agencies make sure that the university is offering quality education and follows a standard set of guidelines. Must is an accredited university so the degrees awarded by them are recognized.

Which is the best recognized university for distance leaning graduate in India?

there are various universities in India which are offering distance learning courses some of them are good in technical courses while some of them are good in professional courses like B.Tech,MCA,MBA etc so according to your requirement you can choose them here is a ink for you where you can get all distance learning universities in India

Does any university offer masters degree in computers through distance education for life-science graduates-botany zoology in India?

List of Universities offering M.Sc Bio informatics through Distance education are -Annamalai UniversityBharathiar UniversityManipal UniversityVinayaka MissionYashwantrao Chavan Open University

E-learning is apt for distance education but cannot be effective in higher education?

E-learning is apt for distance education for sure but could be effective in higher education as well. There are many online universities and online colleges offering courses and programs for degree/certificate purposes. Even campus programs offer online-only-session for students who locates in long distance or are working and cannot attend classes in campus.

What universities are good for distance learning to become a teacher in California?

There are several California universities offering distance learning programs to become a teacher. One of the leading schools is the University of Southern California.

Weather distance MBA offering by bharathiar university is approved by UGC and Distance education council?


What online programs can I use to earn my music education degree?

A list of colleges and universities offering online music degrees. For those who want to pursue a music career but find it hard to do. Universities are offering courses online, making it possible to earn a degree. Couple of Universities are Boston and Harvard.

Why would Belford University be among the top world American universities?

For an university to be considered reliable, it would need to be accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), or the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Belford is not accredited by any agency recognized by the above organizations.

Can one get landscaping distance learning online?

There are several options for specializing in landscaping via online education. The most well recognized institution offering a career diploma in landscaping would be Penn Foster Career School. Landscaping distance must be taken at in person location.