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Kifek (كيفك) is the Arabic equivalent of "What's up?" so, like English, there are a variety of responses:

The most common is "Well, thanks be to God" which is "Bekhair hamdulile" (بخير الحمدلله).

You can also say, "Good, thank you" which is "Jayyid, shukran" (جيد شكرا ) although it is important to note that the word for "good" changes drastically between dialects.

You can also say, "No problems, thanks be to God" which is "Bedun meshakel hamdulile" (بدون مشاكل حمدلله)

If things are going badly (and you wish to say this), there is no particularly common phrase. The best phrase would be "Not well" which is "Lastu bekhair" ( لست بخير).

You can always finish a response with "and you?" which is "wanta?" (وانت).

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Well it means 'How've you been son/dude/friend?' so depending on how formal/informal you want to be you could say 'alhamdulila' (Doing well-thanks to God), or 'mush bat-tal' (not bad), 'mashy el hal' (it goes) and then append 'wenta?' (to ask him 'and you?') or 'wenty?' (how she is doing). Hope that helps.

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Q: How do you answer kefak ya wad in Arabic language?
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