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This definition describes total disability insurance, which pays a disability benefit if you can not work in a job related to your education, training, or experience.

There are other enhanced versions of this definition that describe total disability as "specialty own-occupation" which protects your ability to work in your specialty. If for example you can teach your specialty at a college, you will still get benefits as long as you can't perform the duties of your specialty you were doing before becoming disabled/ incapable to work.

You have to be careful in choosing the definition of your disability insurance plan, because that will decide if you get paid or not.

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Q: How do you apply the disability insurance definition of any like occupation consistent with education training or experience?
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If receiving long term disability can the insurance co make you take another job?

Technically the insurance can and often will make you take another job if your Disability contract has an "Any-Occupation" Definition of total disability. This definition says that benefits will only be paid if you are unable to do any occupation for which you can be expected to perform based on your experience, education and prior earnings.This is the primary reason why "Own-Occupation" Disability insurance is so important.

Can you collect short term disability for surgery in Indiana?

Short-term disability benefits may be payable under a private insurance policy procured by you or by your employer. The policy will provide a definition of "disability" that has to be met in order to trigger benefits. Depending upon the definition, you may have to be rendered unable to perform the duties of your regular occupation at the time of the disability, or disabled from performing any duties of any occupation for which you are otherwise suited by education and experience. The policy may also prescribe a waiting period before benefits are payable, and will provide a maximum duration for benefits. Therefore, the nature of the surgery and its effects upon you will determine whether short term disability benefits will be payable.

Can you work if you apply for disability?

Whether or not you are able to work while collecting Disability insurance benefits will be entirely dependent on the definition of total disability (description of the circumstances in which you are eligible for a claim), in your insurance contract. These are the most common variations available on today's market.True Own-Occupation Definition of Total DisabilityYou will be considered totally disabled if, due to injury or sickness, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, even if you are gainfully employed in another occupation.Modified Own-Occupation Definition of Total DisabilityYou will be considered totally disabled if, due to injury or sickness, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation and are not gainfully employed elsewhere.Any-Occupation Definition of Total DisabilityYou will be considered totally disabled if, due to injury or sickness, you are unable to perform any occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by your education and experience; and are not gainfully employed.*Every insurance company will have a separate version of these definitions. These descriptions should be used to help understand the differences, but not as any form of guarantee.The easiest way to separate the different definitions is by knowing whether you have your own individual coverage, group coverage offered at work or are simply relying on Social Security benefits.Traditionally, True-Own occupation Disability insurance will only be available in a personally owned policy. Occasionally companies will use a True or Modified Own occupation definition for the first 24-60 months of a contract, but then change to an Any-occupation definition. Again, you need to check the guidelines of your policy in order to know what your policy offers you.Group coverage will often have a True or Modified Own-Occupation definition of disability for the first 24-36 months of a claim and then turn to an Any-Occupation definition. Talk with your Human Resource department or office manager to learn more about what your group coverage offers. If that person does not know, you should either have them call the company that provides your coverage, or call yourself and ask for policy information.Social Security disability insurance uses an Any-Occupation definition of disability, at best. In order to qualify for Social Security benefits, you must be unable to perform any occupation and there also must be a strong indication that your claim will continue for multiple year at the least.To summarize, you may be able to obtain benefits while working if you have an individual or group policy that provides a True Own-Occupation definition of Total disability. With Social Security benefits you are not able to do so.

Can a dentist on permanent disibility own practices and make income from them?

This will have a LOT to do with the definition of total disability your policy provides you. If you purchased a True Own Occupation Disability policy, then Yes you can work as a practice owner and still receive 100% of your Disability benefits. The primary requirement is that you continue to be unable to perform the material and substantial duties of a Dentist. If the policy you purchased has a Modified Own Occupation definition of disability that working as a practice owner and earning an income will have a negative effect on the benefits you receive from your Long Term Disability insurance.

Can you collect disability while on a trial medication for kidney cancer?

If you meet the policy defintions of being disabled. Broadly, there are two main policy definitions of "disability" found in policies. The first is an "any occupation" definition, which essentially requires the insured to be unable to perform any job for which he/she is suited by knowledge, skills and experience. This is a more narrow definition and it may be harder to qualify for benefits (depending upon your state of health). The other definition is an "own occupation" definition, which means that you are unable to perform the material duties of the employment that you had at the time of the disabling event. For the most part, if you are able to perform other kinds of work, you may still be able to collect.

If you are on full disability can you go into a home based business?

You need to check the definitions in your policy related to "Own Occupation", "Any Occupation" and the definition of "disabled". There are also time frames - 2 years for this, 5 years for that... specified in the policy. Furthermore, if your reference to "on full disability" is referring to Social Security Disability (rather than a private disability policy), there are other applicable limitations on earnings so as not to disqualify you from or reduce SSDI payments.

Can you get disability due to being colorblind?

Probably not, unless you can show that your condition prevents you from performing your job duties, and your policy disability definition is an "own occupation" definition. Chances are that your color blindness allows you to work in many different occupations.

Own-occupation disability insurance for doctors?

There are many insurance companies in the marketplace that offer top quality Own-Occupation Disability insurance for doctors. True Own-Occupation Disability insurance will pay benefits if "due to an injury or illness, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, regardless of whether you are employed elsewhere." Own-Occupation coverage is the best way for Doctors to protect their specialty.

What does disability insurance cover?

Disability insurance covers your ability to earn an income. If for any medical reason (illness or injury) you are not able to perform 100% of your duties of your occupation, you are considered disabled or partially disabled. Depending on the definition of disability on your policy, you may even get paid a disability insurance benefit even if you can still work part time or have a loss of income of minimum 15-20% due to your disability/ health issue.

Can met life reduce disability payments by the amounts received from naval reserve retirement pension?

The portion of benefit called "Social Insurance Offset Benefit" can be reduced by any amounts received as disability or pension benefits. Also, depending on the definition of total disability and any additional riders that can enhance the definition of disability, including residual or partial benefit rider, your benefit may be reduced if you have income from a different source. Normally, retirement pension does not reduce the BASE benefit, because it's not an income from an active job/ occupation.

What is definition of world occupation?

It means the job you have

When does pregnancy disability leave start?

Pregnancy disability leave begins when your doctor indicates that you are no longer able to perform the material duties of your full time occupation.