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There are a couple of ways to change the schedule, depending on exactly what it is you want to do. (I'm not sure exactly what edition (year) you have, and each edition has a slightly different look, so the instructions for yours may be slightly different!

First, if you just need to "regenerate" the lesson plan, this will redistribute all the work that has not yet been completed over the days that remain in your school year calendar. In SOS Teacher, go to the Lesson Book. Select Lesson Plan. Select the student name from the student drop-down box. Click the regenerate button.

You can also move around the items in your student lesson plan. In SOS Teacher, go to the Lesson Book. Select Assignments. Select the student name from the drop down box. Select (single click) the subject you want to edit. Click "Edit subject". In the Edit window that opens, select the unit you want to edit. Use the Up and Down arrows to move assignments around. Click Remove, to delete assignments from the student lesson plan.

Due dates can also be changed in the student lesson plan area. On the calendar view, select a date (double click) and it will open a detailed view for that day. There is an option here to change the due date for each assignment.

I hope one of these will help!


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Q: How do you change the schedule on switched on schoolhouse 2.0R?
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