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Q: How do you write 80th in words in German?
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How do you write 80th in words?


How do you write out 80 in word form?

Expressed in words, this is equal to eighty.

How do you write 63 in German?

You can either write the number, which is the same in German, 63, or the words for the number: drei und sechzig.

How do you write black or white in German?

"Schwarz oder Weiß" are the German words for "black or white".

How do you write seven in German?

just the arabic number 7. in words it is "sieben"

How do you say write in German?

The German word for write is schreiben.

The 80th you on Wii sport resort?

It depends... What are the other 79 I points you have? If you mean, what was my 80th I point, then my 80th I point was Needlepoint Spire.

What color stone is associated with an 80th birthday?

A traditional gift for an 80th birthday is an emerald, but there is no specific stone associated with an 80th birthday. Ruby is also commonly associated with milestone birthdays, including 80th birthdays.

What does Kreider mean in German?

It means to write. Comes from the German word to write.

Would be handy?

Please write your question in a COMPLETE sentence, telling what you want to know about the words "would be handy." If you want a translation of the words to German, since you put this question in English to German as well as other categories, please SAY in your question that you want the words translated to German, or if that is not what you want, please say what you do want.

How do you write my in German?

My is mein/meine in German.

How do you write 'German' in the language German?