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Yes, of course

Even M.Sc. Physics (Specialization in Electronics) has higher rank than B.Tech in any stream.

Because M.Sc. degree is awarded after 5 years (B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) from 12th while B.Tech is awarded after 4 years from 12th. so M.Sc has higher precedence.

M.Sc. is a Master Degree, while B.Tech is The Bachelor Degree. so it is also makes the importance of M.Sc. over

Those Students who complete their M.Tech, MBA, MCA after M.Sc. has higher weightage than B.Tech students......

I think now you are clear with this explanation about the equivalence of and M.Sc. Physics or other stream.

West wishes,

Prof. B.D. Joshi

IISc. Banglore

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Yes, BSC is considered equivalent to B-Tech. Some places, however, do see the BSC as inferior despite its equivalency to B-Tech. It appears that many areas are also slowly phasing out BSC in favor of B-Tech.

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Q: Is Msc physics is equivalent to BTech?
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