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No. Graduate degrees are Masters, MBA's, and PHD's, which are useful to to those who have a very stringent and focused career path (such as medical professionals, psychologists, chemists, and archaeologists/biologists). Under graduate degrees, such as Associates and Bachelors Degrees, are very useful to professionals in the business world and those who prefer more options with their future career.

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Q: Is it necessary to get graduate degree?
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What are an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree and a post-graduate degree?

The associate and bachelor degree levels are considered undergraduate coursework. The master's and doctorate degrees are considered graduate coursework. Post graduate is coursework taken after completion of a graduate program of study.

Is a master's degree an graduate or post graduate?

its a graduate, you graduate after your bachelors degree

Is b-tech is graduate degree or post graduate degree?

B-tech is a technical graduate degree.

How do you get a degree for journalism?

Any college catalog - or better yet, a chat with a college counselor - will outline for you the basic courses necessary to graduate with a degree in journalism.

Who earns more a bachelor's degree or a graduate degree?

graduate"s degree

What is the different between master degree and post graduate?

A Master's degree is one example of a post graduate degree. To enroll in a post graduate degree (such as an Honours Degree) a student should already have completed a graduate degree. Degrees build on each other. A student needs a graduate degree to enroll in an Honours course, an Honours degree to enroll in a Masters Programme and a Master's degree to commence with a Doctorate.

Is a master's degree considered a graduate degree or an undergraduate degree?

Both are good but a graduate degree can be more helpful with one's employment or when one is looking for a better or different job. A graduate degree is often more time-consuming and difficult but with good study habits, one can succeed. With the many online graduate degree programs available, it can help those who want a graduate degree, obtain one!

Is a bachelor's degree undergraduate or graduate?


What graduate degree can you get with an associate's degree in ultrasound?

To pursue a graduate degree which is the master's or doctorate, you must first complete a bachelor's degree first.

What is the difference between a graduate degree and a master's degree?

A Master's Degree is a type of graduate degree. Graduate degrees refer to those earned after one graduates with a Bachelor's Degree. This can be Master's Degrees, Doctorates, Law degrees and Medical degrees.

How can you receive a graduate degree?

To receive a graduate degree you first must get a bachelors degree. Most state schools and some private schools offer graduate programs that offer these degrees.

Does an associate's degree make me a graduate student?

No. ''Technically''.....that would be Junior Graduate. A graduate student is a student who has earned a Bachelors Degree or Baccalaureate Degree. Graduate Students persue Graduate Degrees such as Graduate (Master Level) Certificates and Masters Degrees. Associates...Junior Graduate Study Bachelors....Under Graduate Study Masters......Graduate Study Doctoral/Doctorate.......Post Graduate Study