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ma'alot (מעלות) means "ascents" or "ascensions." it is plural.

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Q: Is the Hebrew transliteration for ascent - ma'aloth?
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What is the transliteration of the Hebrew word קינטרו in English?

קינטרו is not a Hebrew word. It looks like a Hebrew transliteration of Quintero.

What does Aliyah in the Hebrew sense?

"upgoing" or "ascent"

WHAT IS THE Hebrew word for EPHESIANS?

Well, as Ephesians is an English transliteration of a Greek word it probably does not actually have a Hebrew word. There is probably a Hebrew transliteration of the Greek word, but I would not know how to write it.

Where can I find a Hebrew transliteration site?

There is currently no such site.

How do you write Hallie in Hebrew?

Transliteration: Hali (האלי)

What does Israel transliterate into?

The correct transliteration of the Hebrew word is 'Yisroel'. Israel is the anglicised version of the Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew word for Donna?

The transliteration would be either "Donna" or Dahna". The Hebrew letters would be דנה

What is the Hebrew transliteration for to be found in him?

lehimatseh bo (להימצא בו)

Who was Nabhiim?

I believe that's a transliteration of the Hebrew word for "Prophets". נביאים

How Do you spell Bryan in Hebrew?

A straight transliteration of Bryan into Hebrew would be בריין.

What does the Hebrew word mosdos mean?

"mosdos" doesn't appear to be a Hebrew word. It could be a name, or possibly an ashkenazic transliteration of a Hebrew word.

Is Hanukkah always written the same way?

In Hebrew it is, but the English transliteration varies in spelling.