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You are so much. If you say "Tu eres tonto", it would be "you are dumb or foolish."

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Q: Translate te eres tanto into English?
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Can you translate this Yo no te conosco quien eres to English?

Yo no te conozco; quien eres? Traduccion: I don't know you; who are you?

What is te gosto tanto in English?

te gusto tanto is I like you so much.

Translate you are my world my everything i love you so much and want you for me and only me into spanish?

Tu eres mi tierra, mi todo, Te amo tanto y te quiero para mi y solo mi

What is nena te amo tanto in English?

nena te amo tanto= baby girl i love you so much

What is the meaning of te gsto tanto in english?

I think you mean te gusto tanto which means i like you very much in english

How do you translate to spanish i love you honey?

Os quiero muchisimo or tanto

What does te amo tanto porque eres mi angel de dios mean?

Means "I love you so much, you are my angel (of god)"

What does Te Quiero Tanto Mucho mean in English?

I like you alot

Poem Te amo Tanto iin English or French?

"Te amo tanto" means "I love you so much" in English, and "Je t'aime tellement" in French. Both phrases express deep affection and love towards someone.

How do you say que te tomo tanto tiempo in English?

A: What took you so long?

Can you translate this y tu te conosco de donde eres guazona?

The translation of "y tu te conosco de donde eres guazona" is "And do I know you, where are you from, big tease?"

Does Te quiero tanto gusto make any sense?

No.Te quiero tanto gusto would literally translate into: "I want/love you so much pleasure."If you add a 'con' ('with') making 'Te quiero con tanto gusto', it could conceivably mean: 'I love you with so much pleasure'.