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Q: Was bedeutet 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' auf deutsch?
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How much is the nu elck syn sin clock valued?

twenty pounds

What is the language of 'Nu Elck Syn Sin'?

Dutch is the language of the music group 'Nu Elck Syn Sin'. The group is from the Netherlands. People of the Netherlands tend to know many of the major languages of Europe. But their native language tends to be Dutch.

What does nu elck syn sin mean in English?

"Nu elck syn sin" is an old Dutch saying that means "live and let live" in English. It conveys the idea of allowing others to live their lives as they see fit without interference.

German nu elck syn sin?

Its not German but dutch. It Com's from a clock West Zaans

What is 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' in German?

Jedem das Seine is a German equivalent of the Dutch 'Nu Elck Syn Sin'. The Dutch saying literally means 'Every man to his taste'. That's the same meaning as 'To each his own', which is what's meant in the German saying.Na elk zijn eige zin or na elk zijn zin (Dutch) means the same as to each his own (just spelled differently)

What is 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' in English?

Everyman to his taste is an English equivalent of 'Nu Elck Syn Sin'. Another equivalent is Now to each his own. The motto often calls to mind the wall mounted clocks pioneered in the 17th century by Mennonite communities in Zaan, North Holland. The more expensive versions of the clocks often included coats of arms and mottoes such as the one here.

How do you spell 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' in English?

That's very old Dutch, in new dutch it's Nu elk zijn zin. A translation for that is "Now everybody's got it their way" or something.This page explains it a bit more:What_is_'Nu_Elck_Syn_Sin'_in_English

Is 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' a Dutch phrase?

Yes it is Dutch, but the type of Dutch spoken in the middle ages. It is a typical phrase often found on old Dutch clocks called 'Zaanse clocks'. It's like a phrase found on a coat of arms and it means something like: "And now give every man what he wants/needs". This being on a clock, right above the hands suggests: "always give every man what het wants/needs".

What is the saying 'Now to each his own' in Dutch?

Nu Elck Syn Sin is a Dutch equivalent of the saying 'To each his own'.The answer above is a "Zaans" saying (Zaans is a dialect spoken in the Dutch province North Holland)The original Dutch saying is either 'Smaken verschillen' or 'Ieder zijn meug'The first one is more common. Another translation (but not really a saying) is 'Ieder zijn deel' (which literally translates to 'Each his share')

Who wrote the book aboout smugglers and Dr Sin?

russell thorndike and its Doctor syn

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How old is Nu Elck Syn Sin clocks?

Im trying to find out about my clock its brown soild oak it has chains with brass weights on the face it has brass hands with 4 angels 1 in each corner of the face it has Jesus on the top holding the world an the swinging pendent its brass with a man on a horse it has church glass stained windows on it in size its 32cm 122.8 other letters an numbers on it is nuelcksynsin antique clock Germany 70 241080 cant find it on the web site want to no how much its worth who made it