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Caoimhín (Kevin)

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Q: What Christian name derives from the Gaelic for handsome?
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Is Kenny a cute name?

"Kenny" in Gaelic means "handsome" yea because he is on south park

What is Kenny?

a compilation of 7-day municipal bond yields

Need to know how to spell Samantha in scottish Gaelic?

The Irish Gaelic name Somhairle (Sorley) is equated with Samuel; also true for the Scottish Gaelic version Somhairle. It derives from the Norse Summarliethi/Somerled rather than Samuel.

What does the first name Cullen mean?

It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "good-looking lad"; handsome

What does the name mkenzi mean in greek language?

Nothing. MacKenzie is a Scottish name. In Scots Gaelic, it means "son of the handsome one."

What does the name francis mean in Gaelic?

The Irish Gaelic version of the English name Francis is Proinsias [prinshees].Scottish Gaelic has the similar Prainnseas (as well as Frang and Frangan, 'Frank').It derives from the Old French version of the Latin Franciscus, meaning Frenchman.

What does the name McCoy mean?

McCoy is a variant of McKay, which is a Scots and Irish name that was anglecised from the Gaelic name Mac Aodha. Aodha is a personal name maning fire and derives from the name of a pagan fire god.

Is the name kyle the best?

It depends on what you classify as 'best'.Here is some background information n the name:Definition - Handsome/Narrow LandOrigin - Celtic/Gaelic

What is kenneth?

Kenneth is the English form of a Gaelic name that originated over 1,000 years ago. It's meaning refers to someone who is handsome or attractive.

Is the Dominican christian or Buddhist?

The Dominicans are a Roman Catholic, hence Christian religious order. There are both Male and Female Dominicans. Name derives from Saint Domenic.

What is the Gaelic name for the christian name Junior?

I have heard Sóisear used for "Junior" in the sense I think you intended.Pronounced só-shar.

Where did the surname hodgkinson originate from?

Hodgkinson is found in England in the 1400s and possibly earlier. It derives from the French Christian name Roger.