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Q: What are the causes of mass failure in English language in terminal exams?
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What are the causes of poor English language abilities in Pakistan?

There could be several causes of poor English language abilities in Pakistan. For one thing, English is not their native language, and many people also do not have access to quality education, which prevents them from learning it in school.

What causes associate English language has the status of India?

The cause of associate English language in India is that India was once a colony of Britain.

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What are the causes of students poor performance in English language?

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How important is it for ethnic groups to use standard English?

The failure for an ethnic (or any) group to use the common language causes friction, segregation and prejudice between that and the majority. A group that chooses to segregate themselves through language is choosing, obviously, to remain part of a different culture instead of joining in the greater American culture. This causes many, myself included, to resent the intrusion of the group and question why they are here if they prefer their 'old' ways.

What are the causes of poor performance in English language?

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What are the causes for the spread of English language?

The spread of English can be attributed to historical factors such as British colonization and imperialism, the rise of the United States as a global superpower after World War II, the influence of English in international trade and diplomacy, and the popularity of English-language media and entertainment. Additionally, the flexibility and adaptability of the English language have also contributed to its widespread use as a lingua franca.

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How does conversations on social networking sites effect English language?

It causes a degeneration of the English language through acronyms and unnecessary shortening of words: the next generation or young people use this as a tool for learning and consequently learn the incorrect use of the language as opposed to the correct version.