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Q: What did the Spanish Flag look like back in the 1500's?
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What is the spanish flag like?

Spanishy lol

What would a party invitation look like back in the 1500s?

im not sure

What did the spanish flag look like in 1492?


What language was spoken in Spain in the 1500s?

In the 1500s, the primary language spoken in Spain was Old Spanish. This language evolved into Modern Spanish (Castilian) over time. Additionally, other regional languages like Catalan, Galician, and Basque were also spoken in different regions of Spain during this period.

What is the weather like in 1500s?

The same as it is now, although studies have shown it was slightly colder further back in history.

What did Hernan Cortes's flag look like?

Hernan Cortes did not have a specific personal flag, but he fought under the banner of the Spanish Crown, which featured a red cross on a white background, symbolizing the union of the Spanish kingdoms of Castile and Aragon.

How do you sing waving flag?

When i get older i will be stronger they'll call me freedom just like the waving flag.(in soft vosie)When i get older i will be stronger they;ll call me freedom just like the waving flag and than it gos back and than it gos back and than it gos back wooahoo!

What does the Kansas flag look like?

well the Kansas flag looks like a sunflower at the way top of the flag then under it looks like a rainbow but in the rainbow the are words the are spanish that you dont understand at all. then if you look under that rainbow you see the fiftey stars on it.When you look at the bottom of the flag you see land.

What did US flag look like in 1690?

Really? We were not a country yet in 1690, so there was no U.S.A. flag!! We were under either British, Spanish, or French rule.

What does Spain's flag look like now in 2010?

The Spanish flag now in 2010 has 2 horizontal lines going across the way. The flag is red and yellow,mostly red though. The pattern of the colours goes like this;- Red for the first part,Then yellow in the middle part, Then red in the bottom part. So you can kind of imagine the flag. You can also type into Google images 'Spains flag' OR 'The Spanish flag' That might be easier to find out what I've told you!

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