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It roughly means "Two girls and their Parents"

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Q: What does Futari no onnanoko to ryoushin mean in English?
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What does Futari no onnanoko no ryoushin mean in English?

'(Those/The) Two girls' parents'

What does Watashitachi no ryoushin desu mean in English?

'(These/Those/They) are our parents.'

What is the word 'babe' when translated from English to Japanese?

You mean Babe as in cute girl ? There is no slang for babe in Japanese but a cute girl would be called a Kawaii (Cute) Onna (girl) or Onnanoko

Hanamuke no uta wo futari de what does this mean?

Loosely, "A farewell song for the two of us".

What does 'Futari ni Kaerou' mean?

It needs context for a better translation. It very roughly translates to 'return to two people'.If I were to translate for English readers, I'd opt for 'return together'. Or even, 'return to us'.

How the your girl is an angel translate into Japanese letter?

-person's name- no musume WA tenshi da! Musume is daughter If you mean like just 'girl' it would be onnanoko

What is the word 'girl' when translated from English to Japanese?

女の子 (onnanoko) and 少女 (sho-jo) are both used to mean a young girl there are many way of saying girl but most generally used are; "jyo sei" or "onna/ onna no ko". 女の子

What does Futari wo sangi na xiang ni kora mean in Japanese?

This is a mix of both Japanese and Chinese, and as it is, means nothing in Japanese.

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