What does atque mean?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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The Latin word atque can be translated as "and" or "and also". The Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary describes the difference between et and atque as follows:

[atque indicates] a close internal connection between single words or whole clauses; while et designates an external connection of diff. objects with each other

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Q: What does atque mean?
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What does Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis mean?


What does the phrase quin tu istanc orationem hinc veterem atque antiquam amoves mean?

Quin tu istanc orationem hinc veterem atque antiquam amoves = Why don't you stop using that obsolete and ancient language of yours = Oh do stop using that obsolete ancient language !

How do you write the word and in Latin?

"Et." To emphasize and, use "atque."

What Aeternus atque dies unus means in English?

Forever and a day.

What is Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit in English?

Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit is Latin for "Called and uncalled, God will be present." It is a quotation, popularized by Carl Jung, from the Renaissance scholar Desiderius Erasmus, who called it an old Spartan proverb.This is sometimes quoted with aut ("or") in place of atque, or with adest ("is present") instead of aderit.

What is the latin phrase for this is the one?

"Idem atque" best captures this in Latin. For instance, you might say Eadem atque ego sum = She is the same as I ("me" in colloquial English), or Id fecerunt eodem atque nos fecimus = They did it the same way as we did. Remember that "idem" is declinable, though, and must match the person and number (singular, plural) of the word it qualifies.

How do you say i love you too mom in latin?

Amo te atque, mater.

What is the meaning of atque?

There is no such word in English. Please check spelling and try again.

How do you write and in Latin?

et, ac, itaque (adv.), atque ARE THE WORDS USED IN LATIN FOR "AND".......

What is Semmelweis University's motto?

The motto of Semmelweis University is 'Servamus vitam atque servimus'.

What does lege atque lacrima?

This is an example of modern fake Latin.lege = read (imperative singular)atque = and, and alsolacrima = a tear (singular, so just one)So: "Read! and a tear"The implied meaning is "read it and weep", but the Latin is not correct for that meaning.

How do you say identical in latin?

The Latin adjective meaning identical is idem, or unus atque idem.