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I broke the soldiers' seal is the English equivalent of 'Disteti sigillum militum'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'disteti' means 'I have separated'. The noun 'sigillum' means 'seals'. The adjective 'militum' means 'soldier, warrior'.

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Q: What is 'Disteti sigillum militum' in English?
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What does the latin phrase sigillvm militvm xpisti mean?

"Sigillum" means seal, "militum" means soldiers or army, and I believe "Xpisti" is one spelling of the Latin name of Christ. So if I am reading this right, "Sigillum Militum Xpisti" would mean "The Seal of the Army of Christ" (appropriate, since I believe the phrase was used mainly by the Knights Templar).

What does the translation of sigillum militum xpisti mean?

A Seal of the Knights Templar, with their famous image of two knights on a single horse, a symbol of their early poverty. The text is in Greek and Latin characters, Sigillum Militum Xpisti: followed by a cross, which means "the Seal of the Soldiers of Christ". A closer translation would be "The Seal of a Soldier of Christ".

What is sigillum in English?

"Sigillum" in English is translated as "seal." It refers to a device or emblem used to authenticate documents or packages by imprinting a design or symbol in wax or another substance.

What is the translation of sicillum?

Seal, as in "seal of....." It's usually spelled "sigillum."

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is latin for devil's seal

What does dux militum epistulam uxori misit mean?

"The commander of the soldiers sent a letter to [his] wife".

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The Sigillum code in Wizardology is a secret code used by wizards for communication and protection. It is made up of a series of symbols that represent the magical elements and can be deciphered using a special key provided in the book.

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