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Remember in Scotland, the language is English! So you could say thank you or thanks.

If you want more of a "dialect", you can say ta or cheers.

If you meant Scottish Gaelic, which is nothing like English and spoken by a minority of Scots (though they also all speak English) - then the answer would be Tapadh leat (informal) or Tapadh leibh (formal), I believe.

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Scottish Gaelic: Hallo & Tapaidh leat

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If you are saying I am doing well you can say something simple like "Tha mi math" literally meaning I am good/well

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In Scottish Gaelic thank you is tapadh leibh Pronounced "tahleyv"

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Q: What is Scottish Gaelic for Doing well. Thank you.?
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What is the Gaelic for 'and'?

In Scots Gaelic as well as in Irish the word is 'agus'.

Is Gaelic Scottish only?

There are three Gaelic languages and cultures:IrishScottishManxMany Americans (and others) are unaware that the Irish refer to their type of Gaelic as "Irish" and refer to the Scottish type as "Gaelic". On this site I have tried to differentiatethe two languages as "Irish Gaelic' and "Scottish Gaelic" for the benefit ofoverseas questioners who make think "Gaelic" means Irish only. There also seems tobe confusion about Scots (lowland dialect variant of English) and Scottish Gaelic(a Celtic language of the Highlands). Questions about how to say something in 'Scottish' become problems as well.

What does the Scottish Gaelic phrase nyerta dre spoiuhn mean?

i don't know well mabey it means creagach spioran in Scotland :D

What is the scottish name for a hedgehog?

well the "Scots Gaelic" word for hedgehog is Gràinneag

How do you say i am doing well thank you in korean?

잘 감사 합니다 있어요 = i am doing well thank you

Is Patrick the Gaelic version of Peter?

For some curious reason the Scottish Gaelic name Pàdraigis anglicized Peter as well as Patrick. Peadar is also used for Peter in Scottish Gaelic.In Irish Gaelic Peadar is Peter and Pádraig is Patrick.

How do you say addison in Gaelic?

Addison can be both English (Hampshire, Northumberland, Buckingham) as well as Scottish. In the Highlands the Gaelic form is MacAdhaimh.

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'Well done and good luck'?

Gle math agus slainte !

What is 'I am very well thank you' in the Gaelic languages?

In Irish: Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat.In Scottish Gaelic: Tha gu math, tapadh leat.(These are the forms used when addressing one person only.)

What is the Gaelic for Cunningham?

MacCoineagain (Scottish); five different Irish surnames were anglicized as Cunningham as well.

How do you write Strength and Honor as well as Family and Friends in Scottish Gaelic?

Neart agus urrum

What is the Gaelic for briget's?

In Irish 'Gaelic':Tobar Bhríde Saint Bridget's Well orcrosóga Bhríde St. Bridget's crosses.In Scottish Gaelic: Bhrìghde as in Cille Bhrìghde, Kilbride, Scotland.