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The Indoeuropean language 'family' is divided broadly into 8 subdivisons:

Balto-Slavic (Russian, Lithuanian for examples)

Germanic (German, Dutch, English etc.)

Celtic (Irish, Scots Gaelic; Welsh, Breton)

Italic (Latin, French, Spanish)

Hellenic (Greek)

Anatolian (all extinct)

Indo-Iranian (Persian, Hindi-Urdu)

Tocharian (all extinct)

The Celtic category is further divided into Brythonic (Welsh, Breton) and Goidelic (Gaelic). These are both descended from a Common Celtic language, but are quite distinct and not mutually intelligible.

The Goidelic/Gaelic developed into Old Irish which was spread to western Scotland and the Isle of Man. The modern day Irish (Gaelic), (Scottish) Gaelic, and Manx are the modern versions.

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Q: What is the Gaelic language based on?
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What is the Gaelic for 'Johanna'?

In the Irish language, Siobhán. In the Scottish Gaelic language: ...

Gaelic is the native language of?

There are three Gaelic languages, Manx, Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Manx is the native language of the Isle of Mann. Irish is the native language of Ireland. Scottish Gaelic is the native language of Scotland.

Is Gaelic a language of Ireland or is it a language of Scotland?

Both. The Gaelic languages include Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic. Also the Isle of man.

How was the roman language different from English?

The language of ancient Rome was Latin. English is an evolved language based on Latin, German, Spanish, Gaelic, French, and numerous colloquialisms.

What is the Gaelic for 'immortality'?

In the Irish language 'immortality' is 'neamhbhásmhaireacht'. In the Scottish Gaelic language: ?

What is the Gaelic for 'seven'?

Irish language: seacht Scottish Gaelic language: seachd

What is the Gaelic word for hedgehog?

In the Irish language: gráinneog In the Scottish Gaelic language:?

What is the Gaelic for 'Bridget'?

In the Irish language, Bríd; in the Scottish Gaelic language, Brìghde.

What is the Gaelic son?

'Son' is mac in both the Irish language and the Scottish Gaelic language.

What language is Irish based on?

Irish is not based on any language, but it is a Celtic language, closely related to Scottish Gaelic and Manx, all of which came from a common Gaelic language called Middle Irish or Middle Gaelic that was spoken in the Middle Ages. The three languages were all mutually intelligible for centuries thereafter, but have since split into three distinct languages. Ultimately, all of them can be traced back to Proto-Celtic, which was the common Celtic language spoken in antiquity, from which not only the Gaelic languages, but also the Brythonic languages (Welsh, Cornish, and Breton), as well as a host of now-dead languages also descended.

What is Gaelic for people of the trees?

In the Irish 'Gaelic' language: Lucht na gcrann;in the (Scottish) Gaelic language: Luchd nan crann.

Is the ancient language from eragon actually Gaelic?

No, the ancient language used in the book series Eragon is a constructed language created by the author, Christopher Paolini. It draws inspiration from various languages, including Old Norse, Old English, Russian, and Latin, but it is not based on Gaelic.