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They were surrounded.

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Q: What is the best translation of circumclusi sunt?
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What is the English translation of vertutes-felices-sunt?

Felices sunt means "are happy" or "are fortunate." I don't know, though, what vertutes are.

What is the English translation of canes sunt in via?

The dogs are in the street.

What is the English translation of servi sunt in via?

The slaves are in the street

What is the English translation for Sunt Hosies Mei or Sunt hostes mei?

I assume you mean Sunt hostes mei which means are my enemies. The full Biblical (Psalm 3:1) verse is Domine quare multiplicati sunt hostes mei which means Lord, how my enemies have increased

What is the translation of omnia iusta sunt amore bell oque?

Your quote is a variant of omnia iusta sunt amore et bello, all is fair in love and war.

The correct answer in romanian for how are you?

In english, the answer would be "I am fine!" In romanian, it would be it`t translation , "Sunt bine!"

Ce sunt Criss si Nico?

Best Friends.

What is the word for sunt in English?

sunt = are

What is 'Vel omnia recte sunt' in English?

Or all things are in a straight line is the English translation of 'Vel omnia recte sunt'. In the word by word translation, the conjunction 'vel' means 'or'. The neuter gender adjective 'omnia', in the nominative plural of 'omne' as the subject of the sentence, means 'all, all things'. The adverb 'recte' means 'directly, in a straight line, rightfully'. The verb 'sunt', in the third person plural of the present indicative of the infinitive 'esse', means '[they] are'.

What are the principal parts of sunt?

Sunt comes from: sum, esse, fui, futurus.

When was Amantes Sunt Amentes created?

Amantes Sunt Amentes was created on 2006-10-02.

What is 'Cine sunt eu' when translated from Romanian to English?

Cine sunt eu? in Romanian is "Who am I?" in English.