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Don't bother to write it down in the first place - then you can be a total loser and fail in school - YAY for you!

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Q: What is the best way to forget your homework?
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"What is the best way to focus on work/homework"?

listening to music while doing homework is the best.

Why you should not forget to bring your homework?

The best way is to write it down in a planner. If you are a big picture person, look at the entire month. If you worry about details, write down assignments AND what you did in each class for every day. I also find that it helps to keep one folder for homework-in-progress. That way, I can't forget papers at school or that there was homework in one class.

How do you get away from homework?

The best way to get away is to do it.

Can children forget homework?

Everybody forgets sometimes - the trick is to get an assignment notebook where you keep all of your homework and projects so you don't forget them.

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What is the best way to seduce a lesbian teacher?

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What is the best way to learn and not forget information that you read?

The best way to learn and not forget information that you read is to implement it through immediate use or teaching it to someone.

How do you make your teacher forget to give homework?

You don't. Teachers have objectives to meet and part of that is homework that is given. One way or another you will get the assignment . Most write the homework on the white board. I had my students do a weekly agenda. No excuses for not knowing.

What can you do if you have way too much homework?

Do your very best to get it all done.

What do you when you forget your Homework what do you tell your parents?

"I forgot to do my homework. I know I should do extra homework so I can learn how to punctuate and capitalize a sentence."

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