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It means "stations". You will notice that in Spanish, words starting with "st", "sp", or "sc" don't exist - they always lead with the "e", such as "estación", "escuela", "especial". This is a serious pronunciation issues for native Spanish speakers when they try to learn English - you will hear them say "estation", "eschool", and "especial".

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this is not a complete sentence. it says "the stations are the..."

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Q: What is the meaning of estacion in spanish?
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How do you say train station in spanish?

estacion de tren. With an accent on the "o" in estacion.

What does la estacion in spanish?

the station

How do you say least favorite in Spanish?

mi estacion favorito. The literal translation can be my favorite station, but estacion is also the primary word for season according to my dictionary.

How do you say 'season' in spanish?

La estacion.

Why is there no prosthetic e in the French word 'station' The Spanish estacion has it?

The word station comes from the latin statio.I do not know why the e was added in the spanish estacion

What does la quinta estacion mean in english?

'La quinta estacion' translates to meaning 'the fifth season'. It can also be written 'La 5a estacion'. It is likely to be used when describing television shows.

What does 5a estacion mean in English?

5a is the spanish abbreviation for "quinta" (Like us writing 5th for fifth) and estacion is station. The fifth station

How do you write resort in spanish?

estacion, punto de veraneo, playa

What is the Spanish word for the English word season?

Temporada or Estacion can be used for season.

How do you say favorite season in spanish?

Mi estacion favorita es Verano.

What does mi estacion favorita es mean in spanish?

what season do you like more? Which station do you like most. Estacion can refer to either season or station.

What does quinta estacion means in English?

The proper term would probably be "la quinta estacion" which would be "the fifth season" or "The Five Seasons" when roughly translated to English from Spanish.