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As written, this is "You are the best girl that I have known in the world". If you use "niña", there may be other connotations.

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Q: What is tu eres la mejor Nina que he conocido en el mundo in English?
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What does tu y mi Nina son la mejor que tengo mean in spanish?

You and my girl are the best I have.

What actors and actresses appeared in Un mundo de juguete... - 2010?

The cast of Un mundo de juguete... - 2010 includes: Isabel Mata as Nina Luis Miguel Pardo as Noel

How is the name Nina written in Arabic script?

"Nina" is written as "نينا", from English to Arabic

What is the English translation of hay una Nina?

The English translation is "There is a girl" (nina usually means "little girl")

What does Hoy con la Nina mas hemosa de todo el mundo mean?

Today, with the world's most beautiful girl

What does Su Nina es bicicleta nueva mean in English?

Su Nina = his baby girl

What is the meaning of the name Nina?

It depends what language you are looking at. Nina means little girl in Spain Nina means strong in Native American Nina means grace in Hebrew Nina means favor in English

Can you get a sentence with the Spanish word comunica?

Spanish: La Nina se comunica con su mejor amiga atraves del telefono ya que no viven en el mismo pais. English: The girl communicates with her best friend through the phone because they do not live in the same country.

What does cuidado Nina mean in English?

"Careful, girl."

What does La Nina and La mujer in English?

The girl.

What is the word 'for' when translated from English to Indonesian?

For in Indonesian is: Untuk.Example sentence, 'This gift is for Nina': Kado ini untuk Nina.

What does y este mundo tan fea tu ere la Nina de mi corazon mean?

"And the world is so ugly you are the (girl) child of my heart."