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You may meet one a your lookal BDSM-club. If kink is not your thing you can meet one a religious events. Try to meet ladys in person, not on the internet. Also, be up front with what you are wishing for, not be ashamed of it. If you are hiding your desires, then there is a slim chance it may go true.

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Q: Where can someone meet a submissive woman?
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Are woman naturally submissive in sex?


Why would a woman want to be told what to do sexually?

Some women are submissive due to early childhood emotional trauma. Then someone comes along and exploits her.

How can you get a woman?

You have to mix and meet people. The more you meet the better the odds of finding someone.

What does a submissive woman want?

She wants whatever you tell her she wants!

Is there a website to meet married woman that is absolutely free and no charges at all? Why would someone want to meet a married woman, I'm confused I guess?

Where do you find a dominant woman?

All people are dominant, all people are submissive.

What does insuborination mean?

Someone who is not submissive to authority, disobedient or rebellious

How do you spell submittsive?

The correct spelling is "submissive." It is used to describe someone who is compliant or yielding in relationship dynamics.

What is IS submissive woman?

noun 1. A submissive woman is one who is born with the desire to surrender her will, mind, spirit and body -her very self- to someone she perceives as stronger, wiser, whom she is able to trust completely and who shares this inherent need. The D/s (Domination/submission) relationship can be more emotional, cerebral and honest than many so called 'vanilla' (non-D/s) relationships. Being submisive does not make you a doormat or mean that you must be passive in every aspect of your life, or be submissive in any way to anyone you may meet. On the contrary being submissive can ultimately make you a stronger woman. Most submissive women are strong-willed and intelligent. Being submissive to one man affords a woman the opportunity to embrace her man; to follow the man's lead, to please her man, to support and back him, to submit to him sexually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When the two meant for one another are finally able to meet, they will grow together in all aspects of life and feel more fulfilled than ever before. For a woman to submit is a beautiful thing indeed. To find that special man to submit to is just as beautiful, for it is not easy. These submissive feelings are always there beneath the surface. It takes a dominant man to recognize, nurture and bring out those vulnerable feeings.

What does a man really mean when he tells a woman that she should go out and meet guys?

He isn't interested, dear. So, do just that and go meet someone who will be.

How do abusive women treat submissive husbands?

In my experience an abusive woman will increase the level of abuse in the relationship as long as the submissive husband tolerates it or allows it to go on. In my own case, I was conditioned to fear my wife and to accept all punishments. An abuser requires a spouse who is weak and submissive and takes the abuse.

What role does a young Chinese bride play in her husband's family?

A Chinese woman will raise children and do what her husband wants her to do. The traditional Chinese woman is submissive typically.