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Cleary Auditorium which is now known as Cleary International Centre. The address is 201 Riverside Dr West Windsor Ontario Canada

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Q: Where was the 1982 Cass Technical High School Detroit MI prom held?
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Where would one find Cass Technical High School?

For someone looking to attend or to just contact Cass Technical High school for information could find the school located in Detroit, Michigan or great schools website.

When was Cass Technical High School created?

Cass Technical High School was created in 1907.

What elementary school did Diana ross attend?

She attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated in December 1961. She went back to a university college after her first arrest. Though She graduated 2 years later.

What year did Diana ross graduated?

1962 from Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI, about a year after signing to Motown Records as a Supreme.

What color cap and gown do females at Cass Technical High School Detroit wear in Senior Photos?

Green or white. Typically white, however.

Michael Dyson what high school did he attend?

Cass Technical high school

What high school did Ed Gordon attend in Detroit?

Cass tech

What is the motto of Satellite High School?

Satellite High School's motto is 'Ad Astra per Aspera'.

Is Diana Ross brilliant in school?

She wasn't especially brilliant at school- she attended Cass Technical High School in downtown Detroit between 1958-62, and did participate in a number of extra-curricular projects to do with fashion design, millinery and similar such areas, but she was a fairly ordinary student and is not on record for being outstandingly academic.

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Cass Business School's motto is 'Cass means business'.

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Cass Fox was born on 1982-11-14.

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4229 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201