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Q: Which are the 2 latest satellites launched?
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What is an American satellites launched in 1963?

SYNCOM 1 and 2

What was the first spacecraft that was launched by a space shuttle?

The space shuttle is itself a spacecraft. Perhaps you are looking for information on the first satellites launched by a space shuttle. STS-5, launched 16 November 1982, deployed 2 satellites

What satellites launched in 1957 alarmed the US into speeding up plans for its space program?

The launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik 1 in 1957 alarmed the US into speeding up its space program. This event marked the beginning of the space race between the US and the Soviet Union.

Does North Korea have 2 satellites in orbit around the earth?

Yes, North Korea has launched two satellites into orbit around the Earth. The Kwangmyongsong-3 Unit 2 satellite was launched in 2012, and the Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite was launched in 2016. Both satellites have been criticized by the international community for potentially violating UN sanctions on North Korea's missile technology development.

Are satellites launched in One Direction?


What layer do the satellites are launched?


Why satellites launched in east side?

Satellites are launched in east direction to use earths rotational velocity and to reduce launch energy.

Where can you find a list of satellites launched by russia?

You can find a list of satellites launched by Russia on websites such as or These websites provide real-time tracking information for satellites in orbit, including those launched by Russia.

How many satellites does India have launched?


How do artificial satellites get in orbit?

They are launched by rockets.

Were any satellites launched from woomera?


How many Vanguard satellites were launched?