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Aunt Alexandra tells Atticus to go talk to them about there lineage. The way Atticus talks to him makes Scout question what happened to her father.

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Scout cries in chapter 13 of To Kill a Mockingbird because Aunt Alexandra says her and Jem lack the pride of being a Finch and orders Atticus to lecture them on the subject of their ancestry.

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Q: Why does Scout cry in chapter 13?
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Why does Scout cry in chapter 13 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Scout cries in chapter 13 of To Kill a Mockingbird because she is upset by the prejudice and racism exhibited by her cousin Francis towards her father, Atticus. Francis insults Atticus, which hurts Scout because she loves her father and doesn't understand why anyone would speak ill of him.

What chapter does Atticus tell Scout to obey Calpurnia?

Atticus tells Scout to obey Calpurnia in Chapter 3 of "To Kill a Mockingbird." This happens during a conversation where Scout questions Atticus about why Calpurnia is considered a part of the family. Atticus explains the importance of respecting Calpurnia and following her instructions.

What connection does Scout make that causes her to cry in chapter 16?

In Chapter 16 of "To Kill a Mockingbird," Scout sees Walter Cunningham Sr. in the mob outside the jail and remembers how she once made him feel welcome at her home despite their differing social statuses. This memory emphasizes the humanity and decency of Walter Cunningham Sr., which causes Scout to cry due to the realization that he is now part of a violent and unjust mob.

What makes scout cry to kill a mocking bird?

Scout cries after seeing the injustice of Tom Robinson's trial and realizing the cruel nature of racism in the community of Maycomb. The realization of the prejudice and ignorance that led to an innocent man being wrongly convicted weighs heavily on her young conscience.

How old are jem and scout in chapter 7?

Jem was 9 (almost 10) and Scout was 5 (almost 6)

Why does Scout cry after returning home from the jai?

I forgot..

What is chapter 13 in To Kill A Mockingbird about?

Chapter 13 in "To Kill a Mockingbird" primarily focuses on the interactions between Scout, Jem, and their Aunt Alexandra, who comes to live with them. It delves into the theme of family dynamics and societal expectations in the town of Maycomb. Aunt Alexandra's arrival brings a new dimension to the Finch household and causes tension between her and Scout.

What chapter in to kill a mockingbird does jem and scout go to church with calpurnia?

In "To Kill a Mockingbird," Jem and Scout go to church with Calpurnia in Chapter 12. This chapter explores the theme of racial segregation and the different worlds that Jem and Scout experience in their small town of Maycomb.

What chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird does Calpurnia get mad at Scout?

Calpurnia gets mad at Scout in Chapter 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird when Scout criticizes Walter Cunningham Jr. for pouring molasses all over his food. Calpurnia scolds Scout for her lack of manners and for not understanding Walter's situation.

What chapter is it when scout hits francis in the book to kill a mockingbird?

Scout hits Francis in Chapter 9 of "To Kill a Mockingbird." This incident occurs during the Christmas visit to the Finch family's ancestral home, Finch's Landing, where Francis insults Atticus and Scout takes offense.

How old are Jem and Scout in Chapter 16?

In Chapter 16, Jem is around 12 years old and Scout is around 9 years old.

What chapter does Jem isolate himself from Scout?

Jem isolates himself from Scout in Chapter 12 of "To Kill a Mockingbird" when he reaches the age where he starts wanting to spend more time with his peers and less with his sister. Scout notices the change in their relationship and feels hurt by it.