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So we can learn how cruel people can be and to prevent from making the same mistakes again.

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Q: Why is it important to study World War 2?
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How important was fascism in world war 2?

check and study it yourself and then you would figure it out

How do you write i like to study world war 2 in German?

I like to study world war 2 in German is ich studiere gern' den zweiten Weltkrieg

What as the most important invention that was in World War 2?

The most important invention in world war 2 was the atomic bomb.

What important people were in the world war 2?

World War 2 involved many important people. By the very nature of this war many countries and their leaders, both of governments and armies, were involved.

Who was an important figure in world war 2?


How is World War 2 important?

it help you get freedom

Why did World War 2 make Canada an important world power?

The most important name in the world is Sarah.

Why was World War I important to World War 2?

world war 1 was important because the treaty of Versailles was made which Hitler thought was unfair...also Hitler wanted revenge

What was the most important war in the pacific world war 2?

iwo jima

What did people study in World War 2?

Well I was in world war 2 so I studied lots of things from science to math I studied how the vehicles that I used works.

Who was an important soldier in the World War 2?

an important soldier was general Eisenhower

What important events happened while Hitler was in power?

World War 2 and the Holocaust.