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Strayer University offers over 100 online degree programs. Online degree programs are available both on a stand-alone basis and as part of campus programs. While online programs are widely available, offerings may vary depending on the student's location and some programs are tailored to specific state requirements. The university's campuses are located across the southeastern United States from Texas to Pennsylvania, with several in the Great Lakes region and a single campus in Utah. Strayer was founded in 1892 as a small business college. Today, the university is owned and operated by Strayer Education Inc., which is a publically traded company that is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Strayer focuses on offering education for working people seeking career advancement. The online school has a broad offering of degree programs, ranging from associate's degrees to master's degrees, and including undergraduate certificates, undergraduate diplomas and executive graduate certificates. The main focus is on business, with programs in accounting, administration, management and finance available at most degree levels. Information technology is a secondary focus, while smaller programs are available in public and health services administration, criminal justice, education and economics.

In both business and information technology, Strayer's online program offers many different routes for adults to upgrade their education. Both subject areas offer a full range of programs, from undergraduate certificates to master's degrees. Information technology programs are stronger at the lower end of the spectrum, while business programs are stronger at the higher end. Both areas also offer specializations in many high-demand and popular subject areas, such as entrepreneurship, project management and retail management in business and web development, security and networking in information technology. There are also degrees in more academic business subjects, such economics and international business.

Like most universities, Strayer University offers a full suite of services for students seeking financial assistance. Recently, however, the company has been subject to shareholder lawsuits and investigations regarding disclosure about its recruiting practices. Further information about the school's programs is available at, while financial information regarding the company is available at

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One can search the University and see if they have a proper website describing what they are or if a local school has any information on that university.

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Q: Strayer University Online Courses
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Beginning a New Career With Strayer University Online?

In today's workplace, getting the right job is much simpler when you have the right training and education. Strayer University online classes offer you the flexibility that you need to earn a degree in your spare time, while also earning a degree that can transform your career. Strayer University offers a wide range of degree and certificate programs, financial aid for qualifying students, and a dedicated staff that can assist you in earning your degree.Learning OnlineWhen choosing Strayer University online classes, it is best to visit the Strayer website to become familiar with the class formats before the beginning of the semester. Online classes are set up differently than traditional classes, making it vital to become familiar with your responsibilities as a student to ensure success in your courses. For instance, many online classes through Strayer offer classes at a specific time when students are expected to be online. Through the use of modern technology, you can use a mobile computer device to attend class anywhere, anytime. You may need to make sure that your device is compatible with the class formats, however. Any technical support representative for Strayer University online classes can assist you with setting up your computer or portable device in order to make classes more flexible. There are also options for attending on-campus classes if you live in a city with a Strayer campus.Classroom BasicsWhen taking Strayer University online courses, you will use a wide selection of tools and resources in order to complete your degree. In addition to classes that meet online at a regular time, there are also options for completing your classwork on your own schedule. Online videos and presentations can be used anytime to view professor lectures, while virtual blackboard applications can assist you in tracking and turning in homework assignments on your own schedule.Strayer University online classes provide students with a diverse range of options for completing their degree. Hands-on learning takes place in a more traditional classroom environment, while other courses are completed totally online.

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When was Strayer University created?

S. Irving Strayer founded a small Maryland college in 1892, Strayer's Business College. In 1969, the school was renamed Strayer College when it received licensure to grant the Bachelor of Science degree. Authorization to grant the Master of Science degree followed in 1987. In 1996, Strayer Education, Inc., was established to take Strayer College public and raise capital for expansion. This expansion included the ability to offer online classes to students around the world. In 1998, Strayer College was granted university status by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission and became Strayer University. (Wikipedia)For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

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