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Q: A conditional statement is always logically equivalent to its?
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Choose the statement that are always logically equivalent?

a conditional and its contrapositive

The converse and inverse of a conditional statement are logically equivalent?

This is not always true.

Is the inverse of a conditional statement is always true?


Do you know if the reverse of a conditional statement is always true?


Which statement always has the same truth value as the conditional?

The contrapostive

What is a true statement that combines a true conditional statement and its true converse?

always true

What is a true statement that combines a true conditional statement and is its true converse?

always true

Is if you like math then you like science an inverse?

In order to determine if this is an inverse, you need to share the original conditional statement. With a conditional statement, you have if p, then q. The inverse of such statement is if not p then not q. Conditional statement If you like math, then you like science. Inverse If you do not like math, then you do not like science. If the conditional statement is true, the inverse is not always true (which is why it is not used in proofs). For example: Conditional Statement If two numbers are odd, then their sum is even (always true) Inverse If two numbers are not odd, then their sum is not even (never true)

Is the converse of a true conditional statement always false?

No. Consider the statement "If I'm alive, then I'm not dead." That statement is true. The converse is "If I'm not dead, then I'm alive.", which is also true.

What is a statement that is always true forwards and backwards?

A bi-conditional statement can be true or false. If it is true, then both forward and backward statements are true. See Bi-conditional StatementIn English grammarThe statement, Love you! could be true too if said/written backward as You love!

Can a conditional operator replace an if statement always?

No. An if statement does not require an elseclause and the expression(s) do not return anything to the caller, whereas the conditional operator always executes one of two expressions and always returns the value of the executed expression back to the caller. The executed expression may be yet another conditional operator, thus allowing simulation of nested ifs and if...else if... else statements.Consider the following example:int x = rand();if( x > 100 ) x = 100;We can achieve the same result with a conditional operator:int y = rand();y = y>100 ? 100 : y;However, if we were to expand this statement to an if statement we would not get the original if statement shown above:int z = rand();if( z > 100 ) z = 100;else z = z;The else clause is clearly unnecessary in this case, so the original if statement would be the statement of choice here.As a general rule, if you can make use of the return value in a conditional operator, and must return one of at least two values, then use the conditional operator. Otherwise use an if statement.

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