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Which can cause auroras and disrupt satellite transmission?

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2011-06-24 16:26:44
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Q: Which can cause auroras and disrupt satellite transmission?
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Can sunspots cause auroras and disrupt satellite transmissions?

They interfere with all types of RF (radio / TV) transmission / reception.

What can cause auroras and disrupts satellite transmission?

ultraviolent radiation

Do solar flares from the sun cause auroras near earths poles?

Magnetic storms unleashed by solar flares can cause auroras, but all solar flares don't cause auroras.

What out-of-this-world event causes auroras to appear on earth?

Solar winds are the out-of-this-world event that cause auroras to appear on earth. Auroras can happen near both the north and the south poles.

Interaction between the solar radiation and the ionoshere cause what?


What cause Earth's auroras?

The suns radiation hitting our atmosphere

Are Auroras a cause of light pollution?

No, the Aurora is a result of space weather.

What can cause auroras near earth poles?

Solar flares from the sun

What is the cause of auroras on earth?

Auroras are caused by radiation from the sun, called solar wind, interacting with Earth's magnetic field. Since the magnetic field is strongest near the poles, thats the region where most auroras occur.

Does disturbances in Earth's magnetic field cause auroras?

Not quite but they would affect the auroras. The physical, light-emitting reaction is that between charged particles from the Sun and the field.

Are Auroras cause by light pollution?

No. Auroras are caused by streams of charged particles from the Sun, fired at the Earth by a coronal mass ejection; a massive solar flare. The charged particles interact with the Earth's magnetic field in the upper atmosphere and cause a glow. God's Own Neon Signs in the sky, you might think of it. Auroras are typically seen only at fairly high latitudes in the winter (because at high latitudes in the summer, the sky is too bright for auroras to be visible). However, a really big CME can cause auroras down to mid-latitudes, and in one extreme case, lit up the skies of Miami, Florida!

How does solar wind cause auroras?

Solar wind causes auroras because atoms go through water droplets in clouds. They act as prisms (the raindrops) and this causes the billowing, beautiful Aurora Borealis.

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