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Q: How can an NAND logic gate output 1 when there is no current flowing?
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There is a circuit using there nand gates with two inputs and one output find the output?

A "Nand" gate is an "And" gate with an "Inverter" added to its output. To get a logic 1 output from a "Nand" gate, you need a logic 0 on both of its inputs. If I understand your question correctly, you have three "Nand" gates. Presumably the outputs of two of them are connected to the inputs of the third. Logic 1 at both inputs of the first two "Nand" gates will produce a logic 0 output from both of them. The two logic 0's are fed to the inputs of the third "Nand" gate producing a logic 0 output from the third "Nand" gate.

What is combinational logic circuit?

The combinational logic circuits are a type of logic circuits containing only logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR) and its output only depends on the current input (do not have memory).

What is Combination logic circuit?

The combinational logic circuits are a type of logic circuits containing only logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR) and its output only depends on the current input (do not have memory).

Which logic function has the output low only when all inputs are high?


What does a NAND gate do?

A NAND gate produces as output the inversion of the AND operation on it's inputs. So, since an AND gate only has high output when all inputs are high, a NAND gate will only have low output when all it's inputs are high. The NAND gate is particularly significant because NAND is a complete set in terms of logic operations, that is, with only NAND gates, you can simulate any logic function.

What is the meaning of the acronym NAND?

The acronym NAND is the short version of "Not AND". In terms of logic gates, a NAND gate refers to an output that is false only when all of its inputs are true.

What is NAND gate in semiconductor devices?

A NAND gate is digital logic device which will have 2 or more inputs which can be logic 1 or logic 0 (on or off, high or low) with all the inputs at logic 0 the output will be at logic 1, the only time the output will switch to a logic 0 is when ALL the inputs are at logic 1. here is a simple "truth table" To show the basic operation Input1 Input2 Output Off--------Off------- On Off--------On------- On On--------Off------- On On------- On------- Off NAND stand for not AND therefore a false will be present on the output only when both input are true ANSWER: NAND stands for NOT AND it simply negate the function. The only time that the output can be false if all inputs are true. In logic functions there is no ON-OFF it is either true or false "1" or "0"

How do NAND gates work?

NAND GatesThink of a NAND gate as an AND gate in series with an inverter. The output of an AND gate is True if, and only if, allthe inputs are True. Hence, the output of a NAND gate is False when all its inputs are True. NAND gates are particularly useful in combinational logic circuits because simple AND-OR combinations can be simulated with an equal number of NAND gates alone.

When is that the NA ND logic gate can function as a NOT logic gate?

The NAND gate has two or more inputs, and one output. This output is the complement of the AND of all the bits and will only be 0 if all the inputs are 1.A NOT gate on the other hand has only 1 input, and the output is the complement of this input.So to make a NAND gate into a NOT gate, we should tie (short, connect to same value) all the inputs of the NAND gate. At the output we would have the complement of the signal given at the tied inputs.This way we have a NOT gate from a NAND gate.

What does NAND stand for in NAND flash?

Not And (electronic logic gate)

Which logic gate is equivalent to bubbled NAND?

nand gate

What is the full form of nand?

This is a term from digital electronis referring to a Negated AND or NOT AND gate. A NAND gate is a logic gate that produces an output which is false only if all its inputs are true. Boolean functions are activated by use of NAND gates.

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