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Q: Piers made of hollow concrete block should be installed with the hollow channels?
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Piers of hollow concrete block should be installed with the hollow channels facing which way?

1.diagonally 2.vertically 3.horizonally 4. either v. or h

Should polystyrene be installed under concrete?

yes, as a moisture barrier

What is the normal compressive strength of hollow blocks?

The commpressive strength of hollow concrete blocks should be 5N/mm2. This strength is enough for the non-bearing walls.

How do you replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool?

To replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool, the pool will have to be drained. The old tile needs to be taken off and a new tile with waterproof grout or concrete can be installed. The pool should dry for a week or so, before it is refilled.

What type of concrete should you use when making a concrete bench?

The best concrete for making a concrete bench is Bench concrete.

Should cartoons channels be banned?


How should deck boards be installed crown up or down?

Deck joists should be installed crown up. Deck planking should be installed cup up.

Why should you buy a pixie hollow membership?

It will grant you all access to Pixie Hollow's features.

Should frost damage concrete?

which concrete resist frost action

Where do you bye TV channels?

To buy more TV channels or suscribe to certain channels, you should contact the company of whose TV network you are suing

Can ceramic tile be installed without concrete backer board?

Ceramic tile can be installed over any non-compressible solid, non-flexible surface, but in areas of high moisture or possible water penetration, a cementious or water impermeable backer should be used to prevent rot.

What information should you give your local concrete plant?

concrete strength requirements

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