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it was invented by a man called Justin Andrews .

valva lag- inlet valve closes after B.D.C

-exhaust valve closes after T.D.C

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Q: What is Inlet valve lag?
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What is an inlet valve?

Inlet Valve is comprised of 2 words i.e. Inlet & Valve. Therefore Inlet Valve is that valve through which fuel or a mixture whose pressure in increased by reducing its volume in intaked into the cylinder.

Repair toilet cistern inlet stopvalve?

This question is vague as what is needed is whether it is the inlet stopvalve, the inlet valve itself or flushing valve.

What is the Ball valve before pump inlet on pools?

A ball valve.

Exhaust valve lag?

the amount of valve open after T.D.C and B.D.C.

What is the function of the inlet and outlet valve in ic engine?

Inlet valve is open when piston moves from top dead center to bottom dead center inlet valve open and provide proper amount of fuel and air to the cylinder.

What is the inlet and outlet valve clearances on a 1975 Ford cortina 1600?

valve clearance hot - inlet mm 0,3 and outlet 0,56

When lighting a Bunsen burner should you keep the air inlet valve open or closed?

The air inlet valve must be open.

What is the queen valve for on refrigeration system?

It is the inlet (service valve) to a receiver in the system.

Why does inlet valve opens before the beginning of suction stroke?

for completely entering of fresh charge the inlet valve opens before suction stroke

Inlet exhaust valve what is it?

An inlet and exhaust valves are two separate things. The inlet valve lets the fuel/ air ,ix into the cylinder. The exhaust valve opens to let the pressure out after the mix has burned, releasing the gasses. Then the process starts over again.

How many valves in diesel engine?

Three. Inlet valve, fuel injection valve, exhaust valve.

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