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The car runs well.

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2009-11-06 11:51:17
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Q: Grammar question for the car runs good?
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Is this correct grammar you washed the car good?

no. Replace "good" with "well". "You washed the car well."

Dog hit by a car?

This is not a question. Dog hit by car. Not good for dog.

What is wrong with a 1999 Dodge Intrepid that runs but does not start?

Your question is very confusing. If the car runs then it has to start. Please clarify.

Who city name is cut last word genrate car name?

Your lack of grammar skills leads me to answer "the Cutlass". Please re-define your question.

How can you make a car that runs 6 feet without electricity?

Just put it in neutral on a hill. But what good is a car that only runs 6 feet?

When all of a sudden a car crashed through the window or suddenly a car crashed through the window.which one is correct grammar?

They are both correct grammar, but I prefer the first one. This is a question that would probably show up in the SAT or ACT. Both are correct but the second one is the one you want.

What does it mean when your car steering wheel is tight?

this is not a good question.

Is a Buick LaSabre with a 155000 miles it runs good did you make a good choice for a car?


Topaz car runs good in cooler weather but when hot out side it runs for about a minite then dies?

Car Runs Good in Cooler wheather but when hot outside it runs for about a miniute then dies.can you please check your car's Cooling system for proper operation, such as radiator fan comes on, rotation of the fan is correct and radiator is not blocked etc?

What would be a good question to write for the topic of kia motors car company?

a good question to write for the topic of kia motors car company would be: Are Kia's available at any car rental companies or just at certain car rental companies?

What car has good mileage on it?

I think you want to reword that question and repost.

What is means when a car turn on a gauge that says track of?

good question

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