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Yes, the term 'cup holder' is a compound noun, a noun made up of two or more words with a meaning of its own.

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Q: Is a cup holder a compound noun?
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When was the cup holder invented?

It was made by James Guillow in 1943.

How do you replace cup holder regal?

The cup holder may snap out depending on which one it is. If the cup holder is a flip out style from the center arm rest then in has small ears that hold it in.

How do you replace cup holder on 2000 Lexus es300?

How do you replace cup holder in a 2000 Lexus ES300

What is the thing inside of a cup holder called?

A cup.

How do you remove cup holder 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Pull the cup holder out as far as it will go. Pull up on the seat upholstery right above the cup holder so you can see the very back of the cup holder. There is a tab there. Push down on the tab while pulling out on the cup holder and it will slide right out. Reinstall by lining up in the slide rails and push it back in.

Who is the current holder of the Stanley cup?

As of 2009 the Stanley Cup holder team are the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Which of the following words is not a compound noun?

what is a compound noun?

How do you remove the front cup holder for 1996 Dodge Caravan?

Open the cup holder and remove the two screws on the outside.

What is compound noun of bride?

A compound noun form of the noun 'bride' is bridegroom.

Is triangle a compound noun?

No, the noun triangle is a single word, not a compound noun.

How do you remove the cup holder from Dodge Ram?

The cup holder in a Dodge Ram has four bolts, and two bolts above those bolts. You will need to unscrew all six bolts and then the cup holder drops off.

How do you remove the rear cup holder on a 1998 Corolla LE?

To remove the rear cup holder on a 1998 Toyota Corolla LE, first remove the seat. Then remove the four bolts holding the cup holder housing.