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"Please let me know a time and date that is convenient for you." is grammatically correct.

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ase let me know if the time and date is ok for you

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please let me know the convenient time to have the meeting

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Q: Is this sentence grammatically correct Please let me know a time and date that are convenient to you?
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Is please be welcome a correct sentence?

No. You could say "you are welcome". It's not a complete sentence, but it is grammatically correct

What is the correct grammar for the following sentence 'Please note that this letter is merely an inquiry regarding your interest and availability?

That sentence is grammatically correct.

How do you increasing sex?

Please learn how to post a sentence that is a) grammatically correct b) is logical.

Is the following sentence grammatically correct - please spare me with your criticism?

The proper form is "Please spare me from..." or simply "Spare me your..."

Is this sentence grammatically correct-can you know please?

Technically, it is correct because it has a subject and a verb. However, its syntax can be improved to sound better - 'Can you please know?'

Is it grammatically correct to use the word 'please' in the middle of a sentence?

Yes. Example: Sir, would you please stop doing that.

Is Department of major grammatically correct?

No, it is not grammatically correct. If you want someone to correct it for you, please can you explain what you are trying to refer to?

Is it grammatically correct to say what your plans are?

As part of a sentence, "what your plans are" is correct. For example, "Please let me know what your plans are" is a perfectly good sentence. If, however, you are asking whether "what your plans are" is a correct sentence by itself, it is not. If it is intended as a question, it should be "What are your plans?"

Is it correct to say You may please reach me at your convenient time?

Not really. 'You may please' is not correct. Use either 'you may' or 'please' but not both. Contact is better than reach. We don't usually use the phrase 'your convenient time'. We usually say 'convenient to you'. SO, a good sentence would be something like this: Please contact me at a time convenient to you. Or Please contact me / at the above address/ via email / on my home phone / at a time convenient to you.

Is the sentence attached is my resume and biodata grammatically correct?

The sentence is gramatically correct but I would recommend you to use something like this. Attached herewith is my resume and biodata. or Please find my attached resume for your perusal.

Is May I have your advice please grammatically correct?

May I have your advice please? is correct, as you are asking someone for advice (help).

Which is the correct sentence please be patience or please have patience?

Please have patience is the correct sentence.

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