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The primary /secondary payer is usually the insurance plan covering the claim

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Q: What does the word payer mean in terms of health insurance?
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What does Health Insurance Provider mean?

Health Insurance Company

What does not applicable mean in health insurance?

'Not applicable' in Health Insurance policy menas the terms that dod not come under the purview of the health insurance policy and should be ignored. It has to be ascertained carefully whether the 'not applicable' conditions affects the insurable interest of the policy holder.

What does apg mean in medical terms?

APG stands for ambulatory patient group. It's a term used in health insurance.

What does beneficiary mean for health insurance?

Some health insurance plans offer a AD&D Life Insurance Policy. That is why you would name a beneficiary for a health insurance company.

What does medical eligibility mean?

Eligibility in healtcare context means the health insurance coverage status of a patient. Healthcare providers need this information before delivering a service to a patient to know to what extent the patient is covered under a medical insurance policy. This information is provided by insurance companies (payer).

What does ad mean in insurance terms?

Accidental damage

Is Obama Health taking over BIA health care?

By "Obama Health," I assume you mean, health insurance reform. The government will not be taking over any private insurance provider as a result of health insurance reform.

What does ee mean in an insurance policy?

If it is health insurance quote. It means Each Employee

What do the medical abbreviations NEC and NOC mean?

NEC means not elsewhere classified and NOC mean not otherwise classified in medical terms. These are really medical coding terms used to communicate with insurance companies, and not terms that health care providers use to communicate with each other.

What are the possible benefits of government run health insurance?

Government run insurance would mean that everybody would have insurance coverage. It would be affordable for the people who do not have the means to carry health insurance. It also would mean that no American can ever be turned away for medical treatment, because they do not have insurance.

What does the French word agile mean?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too

What did health insurance companies pay lobbyists to fight the health care reform bill?

If you mean, "why," one possible reason is that health insurance reform required health insurance companies to spend the money they receive in premiums on, um, actual health care and not excessive overhead such as inflated executive compensation. .

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