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Is Obama Health taking over BIA health care?

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By "Obama Health," I assume you mean, health insurance reform. The government will not be taking over any private insurance provider as a result of health insurance reform.

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Obama is the president that proposed the health care reform and implemented it.

i think that Barack Obama thinks that every one should have Health Care and in order for that to happen he must rase taxes! i think obama wants to help and he has to what he neeeds to get good health care for everyone that might need it

Congress wins no matter what happens to the health care bill. They have free care... for life.

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Barack obama has made the health care reform

barack obama view on health care that it would be better if he puts it to health insure affordable.... hoped it helpeedd..<3

The bill Obama signed is a health care so all the U.S. citizen get health insurance.Love,Rosa

he will make it better. BOOM

not taking care for your health

Yes, probably we Americans cant get free health-care then the Mexicans shouldn't eitherObama needs to go back to Muslim country!!!!!!!

Obama favors compulsory health insurance for everybody.

Takes away the monopoly the insurance and Pharmacorps have on the Health care industry. But I guess that is only a disadvantage if you are a CEO or a Republican...

For those who already have any sort of health insurance.For those who does not have health insurance.For everyone.As Obama said in his speech:"It will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance. It will provide insurance to those who don't. And it will lower the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government."

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The National Health Care Act (Obama Care) is a national issue.

The core of health insurance reform is mandatory coverage. The President and Congress already meet this requirement.

Obama's speech covered health care, economy, the war, education health care, economy, the war, and education.

Yes, but Obama has created this as a loophole to please insurance companies while still allowing people to have government health care. The "fine" for not having health insurance (and therefore having government health care instead) is only $300 per year, which is MUCH less than Americans pay for health insurance. It's the same as putting in a $300 a year tax increase to pay for health care, but he didn't call it that to trick the insurance companies into supporting it!! Haha, smart guy!!

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