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around 1 -2 monthhs before you can put somthing over there head but if you want to break it in you will have to wait 3 years

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3yrs and over.

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Q: At what age should you start foal getting use to a halter?
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When should a foal begin its halter breaking on Howrse?

There is no halter breaking on This is not something that you do with your horses on the game.

When should a foal begin to wearing halter?

Hi. I would suggest getting a halter on them starting from day one. I have raised a few colts now and they all benefit in the long run when I get halters on them as soon as possible. Just putting the halter on and off getting them used to it is enough.

What is meant by'halter breaking a foal'?

Halter Breaking is when you teach a foal or unhandled horse to be led on the halter.

My horse just had a foal and we have never had a horse before and we got them and had no idea she was pregnant so any tips on how and when to halter break or train or wean?

halter it at seven weeks, train about close to one years, mother should start to wean by herself

When should a foal begin halter breaking on Howrse?

You do not do that with your fol on Howrse. But it is after a couple of weeks. 1 month

When should a foal begin its halter breaking?

EDIT BY RUBYRACER: The answer for the Howrse Riding Test #9 is The First Month.At the age of two I believe.You should put a halter on a foal as soon as possible for short periods of time to get it used to it. Once it seems comfortable with the halter, you should begin leading it on a lead line next to the mother when you take them out to pasture or bring them inside. Just remember, foals are very impressionable, so be very careful not to scare them, and make sure it is a pleasant experience.

When should a foal begin halter breaking?

The day it's born. Seriously, halter breaking is a lot easier when your foal is already used to humans. As soon as it's born, rub it all over, touch it everywhere and talk to it. This will "imprint" the foal and make handling it much easier. Every day, go play with the foal, put the halter on and off, touch it all over, get it used to the lead rope, etc. Then just try light tugging on the halter, as soon as it moves even one step forwards, release the pressure to reward the foal. Then ask for 2 steps, 3, etc and soon you will have a nicely halter-broke filly or colt :)

When do horses learn how to run?

A foal learns to stand only a few moments after they are born. They should start jumping around and getting playful only a few days after that.

When does a foal first start to move before birth?

The foal should start moving about the 4 or 5 month but it will be hard to see or feel at this time. At about 8 to 10 months you may see the foal move or kick the mare's side.

When should you start to handle your foal?

You can start handling your foal as soon as it is safely able to do so, usually within the first few days of birth. It is important to start handling the foal early to begin building trust and establishing boundaries. Gradually introduce handling activities to ensure the foal is comfortable with human interaction.

Can a mare continue to produce milk even after her foal Is weaned?

Only if she's been nursed by another foal who's been stealing milk from her. Otherwise, no, the mare should start the drying-up process after her foal is weaned or after she has weaned her foal by herself.

How old does a horse have to be before you can longe it?

You can teach a foal how to lunge in its first year. This can be taught along with halter breaking, leading, bathing,clipping,loading.