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A fat person can be healthy, yes.

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Q: Can a fat person also be healthy?
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Can a person be fat and healthy?


How do you tell if you are fat?

well if i am fat i will say that i m a healthy person and God has gifted as such a beautiful things to eat and to enjoy.So,why we should not eat food and not should not be a healthy and fat person

If someone is genetically fat do they have to stay fat?

if a person is fat, he/she should mainly try to have a healthy body, regardless of the looks.

Why not healthy food everyday?

Some fat is required in every person's healthy diet to maintain a good active life.

A person should not eat more than 30 percent of calories from fat in order to keep a healthy true or false?

It is true that a person should not eat more than 30 percent of calories from fat in order to keep healthy.

Which substance is stored in the body of a healthy person?

Carbohydrate and fat

If you are not that fat how do you lose weight?

Same as if you were "fat". Clean healthy eating, regular cardio and strength training. A pound is a pound is a pound, whether it's on a thin person or a thick person.

How can you be in o figure if you are fat?

If you are fat you can't be 0 figure. Zero figure is a lowest size. Also o figure is not healthy. Don't try to achieve zero figure as it is not healthy.

Is an avocado a healthy snack?

Absolutely, it is a very healthy and filling snack that does have some fat in it but it is considered to be the healthy kind of fat as opposed to fat from animal products.

What are the characteristic of a physically healthy person?

A physically healthy person does not have a high BMI and is in good shape. They also have a healthy color to the skin, and do not appear haggard.

What does name SAMINA mean?

Fat in Arabic lol, but it could also mean healthy.

Why is eating polar bear fat healthy and eating cow fat healthy?

I don't know about polar bear fat, but I know that eating cow fat isn't healthy. Eating any form of fat in large quantities is not healthy. Fat is very essential for a healthy body but at the same time, excess fat in diet may lead to obesity, cholesterol, heart problems etc.