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The kneeling chair is designed to mimic a posture similar to that of one standing.The Kneeling Chair places your body comfortably and naturally into the correct ergonomic position to alleviate pressure on the neck. it does help in relieving the pain.

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Q: Does a kneeling chair help with posture?
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What department store can I buy a kneeling posture chair?

You can buy a kneeling posture chair at your nearest Wal-Mart or off of their website. Here's a link to one of their featured kneeling posture chairs:

Why would you need a kneeling posture chair?

Kneeling posture chairs help relieve pain from one's back and shoulders given that they've been sitting for long periods of time. With this unique structure it's easier to find relief.

What is a kneeling chair?

A kneeling chair is ergonomically designed to encourage good/natural posture. Traditional chairs, especially those in the workplace, can force awkward posture that causes back pain. It is especially helpful for people with chronic back pain. When using a kneeling chair you sit at an angle with your knees against a pad. This helps with posture and back pain. For a picture check out

My physical therapist recommended that I buy a kneeling chair and I am not sure how it will help me. Can you tell me more about what they do?

They are supposed to help take the weight off of your spine and onto your knees. they also help with posture.

Which chairs have adjustable backs?

The Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair With Reclining Back is an option.

How to Improve Posture with a Kneeling Chair?

It can be both a fun and an easy experience to improve your posture by using a kneeling chair. It may be wise to think about this ergonomic solution if you are one of those people who has to constantly sit down for work, at school or in front of a computer for any other reason. It is possible to experience some muscle atrophy or back pain when you have to spend several hours hunched in front of the computer in a regular chair. A kneeling chair can help your posture and it can also strengthen your back.When you find a kneeling chair that you are interested in, you will sit down in it to help yourself maintain a more natural posture while sitting upright during those long hours. Start out by straddling your legs across the seat. Sit up straight and keep yourself tall. This will cause the chair to begin edging forward when you shift your body. A kneeling chair is built with curved runners that enable you to adjust how you sit so that you are the most comfortable you can be. This comfortably allows for a proper balance of your spine over your pelvic bone.The kneeling chair functions to maintain your posture and adjust to the way you move, meaning it will follow you when you have to lean forward, such as grabbing a file out of reach or having to lean in so that you may write something down.After a few months of breaking in and getting used to the kneeling chair, you will find that it is more comfortable to sit in it and you will also find that you have better posture. You will notice this because a kneeling chair is designed to mimic natural movement, which will strengthen your back muscles. Think of it like using a stability ball when you go to exercise. You will notice your posture has improved while you walk and it will do the same while you sit in your kneeling chair. This is because the muscles in your back and your skeletal structure as a whole have now been fully adjusted to sit properly and to be more comfortable in doing so.

Which chairs have adjustable armrests?

The Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair With Reclining Back is fully adjustable.

How to Enjoy Health Benefits By Using a Kneeling Chair?

A kneeling chair, also called a posture chair or knee chair, is designed to help an individual sit in such a way as to improve their posture and reduce stress. The kneeling chair can be classified as an ergonomic chair, a category of chairs designed to offer the user some sort of physical or health benefit. A Danish doctor in the 1970s first developed the idea of this new kind of chair that would help the body adopt a more natural posture while seated. Unlike a traditional chair which features both a backrest and armrests, the kneeling chair features a seat and shin rest instead. The user’s shins and knees, rather than being at a 90 degree angle while seated, recline at an angle of between 60 and 70 degrees which helps to open up the body’s positioning. Sitting on a kneeling chair allows some of the weight of the body to be shifted away from the thighs and buttocks and redistributed to the shins of the legs. The result is that the spine of the seated individual assumes a more natural s-shape than when seated in a traditional chair. There is less pressure placed on the dics of the spine when using a kneeling chair and this helps eliminate the lower back pain often experienced after prolonged sitting. Despite its name, the kneeling chair does not require the seated person to be in a kneeling position which stresses the knee joints. Among the many benefits of using a kneeling chair include having the individual find a comfortable natural balance which promotes improved circulation while seated, relieving pressure on the buttocks when seated for long periods, keeping the spine naturally aligned, and distributing weight more evenly between the buttocks, legs, knees and feet. When seated on a kneeling chair, the body’s diaphram is also more relaxed and able to move more freely, resulting in better breathing. Many individuals whose work requires them to be sedentary often opt for a kneeling chair. They discover that they feel less fatigued after sitting for long periods using a kneeling chair, are able to feel more alert thanks to the improved breathing and circulation that the chair’s positioning offers, in addition to helping improve their posture by not slumping or becoming hunched over which is the typical positioning the body takes when using a traditional office chair.

Where can I purchase a kneeling chair online?

Kneeling chairs are becoming more and more popular in America and thus they are becoming easier to find. has several, here is the one I use:

What is a backless chair?

A backless chair is a type of chair that does not have a backrest. It requires the person sitting on it to have good posture to maintain balance and support themselves. Backless chairs are often used for short periods of time or for specific activities like playing music or art.

Can kneeling posture chairs really help alleviate lower back pain?

Not usually because your back needs to be laid back and relaxed while your not kneeling down anyway.

Are kneeling chairs actually proven to reduce pain?

While kneeling chairs often encourage better posture, which can help back pain, it has yet to be proven that they reduce pain through their design.