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by eating healthy

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Q: What is muscular endurance fueled by?
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Is Muscular Endurance Fueled By Anaerobic Energy True?


Is muscular strength lost faster than muscular endurance?

No, muscular endurance is lost faster.

What is the ability of a muscle to exert submaximal force repeatedly over a period of time?

The muscle ability to apply repeated sub-maximal force over a period of time is called Muscular Endurance. This is an important ability for athletes or when playing sports.

What kind of endurance improves both muscular strength and muscular endurance?


How do you define cardiorespiratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance and physical activity?

Muscular composition and body type

What is the difference between cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance?

cardiovascular =is pig muscular endurance = is cowWTF

What is muscular strength and endurance?

Muscular Endurance is different from muscular strength. Muscular strength is when you have the ability to push weight and so on. Endurance is when you can endure a certain physical activity for a long period of time.

Muscular strength and endurance is measured by?

Muscular strength and endurance is measured by how much a person can do physically. Endurance can be measured by exercise such as running.

What are the five component of fitness?

cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

When you improve the ability of your muscles to repeatedly exert themselves what are you improving?

muscular endurancemuscular endurance

What are the different components of PFSTT?

Cardiovascular Endurance Muscular Strength Muscular endurance Flexibility Body Composition

The five health compositions?

muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and cardio respurtory endurance.