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Q: Why is the most dangerous place the safest?
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Where is the safest place to live in Auckland?

Nowhere. Because , it is very dangerous.

What is the safest crib?

Childsafe claims to be the world's safest crib with sliding doors replacing dangerous drop sides and see-through safety tested mesh in place of bars.

Is inhaling or sniffing hand sanitizer dangerous and does it help in place of nicotine when a former smoker has cravings?

it is the safest way to huff.

Was the most dangerous earthquake in the US?

the most dangerous place is california

Is the safest place in a tornado under water?

no, the safest place is a basement.

Where is the safest place in a bank during a tornado?

In a bank the safest place to be is in the vault.

What are the most dangerous places to be with electricity?

The most dangerous place to be when electricity is present is in direct contact with a charged conductor. The next most dangerous place is where there is liquid water and electricity.

Which horcrux was the safest?

what do you mean??? safest to retrieve? safest to destroy? safest hiding place? safest to be near for a long period of time? safest what???

Where is the most dangerous place in the world?

The most dangerous place is in Asia which is used to be North Korea then today it's Afghanistan

Are sharpies the safest permanent marker?

NO! in fact sharpie is the most dangerous permanent marker, because the scent and smell of it can damage you.

Where is the best place for a lip ring?

Safest spot for a lip ring is nowhere, you could get an infection which could be dangerous. For personal looks, on the side of your lip has the most attention for lip ringers.

Safest place to place a car seat?

The safest place to place a car seat is in the middle of the car or behind the drivers seat.