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Policy rate is the rate of interest that banks charge. It can be a rate charged from credit cards, insurance policies, savings accounts, checking accounts, or other similar things.

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Q: What is policy rate?
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The interest rate policy is the component of?

monetary policy.........

What is key policy rate?

The short term interest rate

Raising the discount rate involves which type of economic policy?

Monetary Policy

What impact did the policy actions have on the fed funds rate?

The impact on the federal funds rate, by any policy, would depend on which policy is in question. Some policies will cause the federal funds rate to increase while other policies will cause the federal funds rate to decrease.

What does policy rate mean?

In economics, the policy rate (policy interest rate) is the short-term interest rate that the central bank manipulates through open-market operations. Open-market operations include the sale and purchase of bonds. During times of recession, the central bank favors a low policy rate that would help close the GDP gap. When a country is experiencing heavy economic growth, the central bank tends to favor a higher policy rate that would curb inflation.

What was the impact of one child policy on infant mortality rate?

infant mortality rate is not related to one child policy because the policy does not allow to kill the new born baby. You should ask about the abortion rate. Also, the policy can't be used if the embryo becomes to a human in mother's uterus.

What is a composite rate in general liability insurance?

This is a rate established at the beginning of a policy period. It is a rate based on the "average" of the same type of classes or work-such as all restaurant work, etc. This type of policy is normally audited at the end of the policy term to adjust for additons or deletions of coverage throughout the policy term.

Monetary policy of India?

means latest crr, repo rate,revers repo rate, bank rate ,slr

What are the Reasons for fall in money value?

Changes in fiscal policy Inflation rate Interest rate

What is the policy that deals with a country's economic relations with foreign countries and comprises trade policy and exchange rate policy?

Tariff And Import Quota

What is interest rate on loan from a whole life policy?


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