Are Wheat kernals seeds

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: Are Wheat kernals seeds
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Are oats grown from wheat?

Oats are a cereal crop like wheat, but a different species.

How do you make wheat in Doodle God?

Stone and wheat makes flour on the video puzzle game Doodle God.

What is the Unit of measure for wheat seeds?

The unit of measure for wheat seeds is typically in kilograms or pounds.

Are wheat seeds the same as rye grass seeds?

No, wheat and rye are two different types of grain.

How many wheat seeds is one gram?

welllllll it all depends on the type of corn. if you have hiperhopper corn, it takes approximitly 7 kernals of corn from my personal RECENT discoveries in my home made chemistry lab. all other corn types weigh in at 4 and 1/234 of the seed. if you have any questions just ask me :)no problem(:

Dispersal of wheat seeds?

What does dispersal mean?

How much a gallon of fruit and vegetable seeds weigh?

It depends how big the seeds are, since a gallon is a measure of volume which cannot be easily converted into a weight without knowing what the exact substance is. For example, a gallon of popped popcorn will weigh much less than a gallon of unpopped kernals (since you can fit more kernals in a gallon than you can popped popcorn). Seeds do vary in weight quite a lot.

What can you do with wheat oat on Howrse?

It can be used to make mashes (Health/Energy/Calorific), and the Wheat bedding can either be used as 3* quality bedding, or sold for equus in the EC shop

How many kernals are on a row?

there are 42 kernals in a row :)

What part of the plant is wheat?

Wheat has a seed called a kernel or berry .

Is wheat non renewable?

Wheat is renewable - you can plant seeds and get a crop of wheat each year.

Can you get pets in minecraft on tablet?

For cows you need wheat For sheep you need wheat For pigs you need carrots for chickens you need seeds (Seeds are also used for growing wheat)