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yes u can

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2012-11-03 20:38:51
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Q: Could you give you directions to the 7 chaos emeralds in Sonic Advance 2?
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What happens when you get all chaos emeralds in Sonic Advance 2?

You turn into Super Sonic and get the good ending to the game.

Is there a cheat code for all 7 chaos emeralds in sonic advance 2?


In sonic advance 3 how do you save the game?

Sonic advance 3 saves automatically after an act or boss. It also saves chaos and chaos emeralds as you collect them.

How do you turn into super sonic in sonic advance?

Have all emeralds, beat lass boss, and you get to go Super in an extra boss.

What are the Xploder codes to unlock Amy Rose in Sonic Advance?

amy is already unlocked in sonic advance. in sonic advance 2 beat the game with every character with all 7 chaos emeralds to unlock her. in sonic advance 3 beat toy kingdom with sonic as leader ro unlock her.

Where are all 7 chaos emeralds in sonic advance 2?


Is there a cheat for all Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Advance 3?

Yes there is here is the code 83000562 FFFF

Is there a real choas emeralds in where sonic lives?

Chaos Emeralds are not real. Neither is Sonic.

How does sonic become super sonic?

sonic collects the 7 chaos emeralds and the power of the emeralds turns him into supersonic

How do you get to tiny chao garden in sonic advance 2?

beat the game with one charicter and have all seven chaos emeralds

Can you change sonic to look like super sonic in sonic rush?

no but you can play as him by getting all the chaos emeralds and sol emeralds

How do you get the super emeralds in Sonic Chronicles?

Hate to break it to you but the Super Emeralds are not in Sonic Chronicles, they are only in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and the comics.

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